Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is a flat steel product that is produced using hot rolling the steel slab.
It is a main and key product in many industries including the steel industry itself.
Such uses are :

  1. Pipe and profiles for construction
  2. Cold rolled steel products
  3. Gas pipes
  4. Heavy Machinery

Hot rolled steel is produced with different grades and standards but the main standards and grades that are widely available and used in Iran are as follows:

  1. ST37 which is the industry standard and is mainly used in almost everywhere. Low-Carbon and normal strength and properties are the reasons for its popularity.
  2. ST52: Due to its high resistance and weldability, It is mainly used in heavy machinery and big industrial projects.

In the past, Iran was not capable of supplying the entire chain of Hot rolled steel domestically and most of the hot rolled steels were imported, but with rapid growth in the domestic steel industry, most of the supplied hot rolled steels in the market are produced domestically.